Return Policy

9 To 5 Computer Supply Dist. Inc. 3948 Third St S #103 Jacksonville Beach FL 32250 “Family Owned and Operated” RA Policy & Procedure This document will outline our RA/RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization, hereinafter r

9 To 5 Computer Supply Dist. Inc. 3948 Third St S #103 Jacksonville Beach FL 32250 “Family Owned and Operated” RA Policy & Procedure This document will outline our RA/RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization, hereinafter referred to as RA) procedure for every sale. This document may NOT be all inclusive and we retain the right to amend this policy at any time without further notification. 9 To 5 Computer is NOT responsible for return shipping costs, customs, duties, fees, or any other return related shipping costs. Upon receipt of ANY purchased product from 9 To 5 Computer Supply Distributor, Inc, we MUST BE notified with 72 hours of signature of receipt of product for ANY issues with product, including but not limited to: shortages (short shipments), damages to product (even during transit), DOA issues, missing parts, pieces, cables, connectors, manuals, etc. Failure to notify us of issues within 72 hours of signature of receipt of product will cause RA denial. Notification MUST BE to 904-280-2524 (facsimile), ANY notifications in ANY other fashion WILL NOT provide proof of notification regardless of documentation provided. FAILURE TO NOTIFY IN THIS FASHION AGREES TO NON-ISSUES OF PRODUCT AND PAYMENT WILL BE DUE AND PAYABLE IN FULL. Any TAMPER (warranty) seals compromised in ANY WAY will automatically void warranty and RA; and product will be returned to customer at their expense and NO credit will be issued. Many products are NOT returnable, including but not limited to: software, hard drives (warranty through manufacturer ONLY) or ANY item where the Barcode label has been removed, ANY product where the ORIGINAL manufacturing packaging has been destroyed or otherwise mutilated/compromised. Authorized returns MUST include the original manufacturer packaging and include all original parts, manuals and manufacturer paperwork. All media (DLT, SDLT, etc..) are warranted through manufacturer ONLY and return requests for this product will be directed to manufacturer of product and RA will NOT be issued by 9 To 5 for this type of product any longer as we have been directed by manufacturers that they wish to deal directly with the end user on these products. Returns shipped with inappropriate packaging resulting in warranty voiding through the manufacturer will NOT be accepted for credit or replacement, and product will be returned to customer at customer expense. Failure to provide shipping method at customer expense will cause product to be destroyed and customer will incur loss of product. All returns MUST BE insured against theft, loss or damage. Product returned as “DOA or non-working” that tests ‘within manufacturer specs’ or ‘no trouble found’, are subject to 30% restock fee and/or diagnostics or testing fees. Product returned without following proper RA procedure will constitute and automatic 30% restocking fee (or $25, whichever is greater), return freight charges and the forfeiture of issuance of a valid RA. NO RA is guaranteed to be issued for ANY product and STRICT ADHERENCE to procedure is the only way to ensure your RA request will be approved. Our RA department will provide EXACT details and information that MUST BE followed to the letter. Credit card chargebacks issued during the RA process will constitute an additional $35 admin fee deducted from your credit due, if any. There will be no further cash/credit refunds, returns will be repair or replacement ONLY. ALL credits issued will be for store credit ONLY. Inability to replace any product will constitute an open credit on customers account, to be used toward future purchases. Although most of the returns take far less than the allotted time, we do ALLOW up to 90 days from date of RA issuance for completion of the process. This is due to the fact that we receive many returns that do not adhere to policy and cause the system to become backlogged with issues of identifying the purchaser, and determining what if anything, can be done to assist the buyer. Our RA procedure is as follows: 1. If you feel you have an RA issue, FAX APPLICABLE INVOICE WITH DETAILS OF RA NEEDS TO (904) 280-2524, then follow up with a call for RA approval and issuance (if the RA is approved) of RA number. The time limit for returns varies by product so it is VITAL to be accurate with information provided to the RA specialist. Errors in this step cause serious undue delays and can cause the RA to be cancelled and the product deemed un-returnable. 2. RA number (when/if provided) is to be placed on the outside of the shipping container but NEVER on the manufacturer packaging. Removal of bar coding or proofs of purchase will cause automatic voiding of the RA and the item deemed un-returnable. Restocking fee (30%) and/or Over-goods fee ($50) and return freight will be applicable for items returned where instructions have not been followed IF we allow the return. 3. Once the RA has been issued, product MUST be returned as indicated. Upon receipt of product in our returns department, product must be checked in and determined whether or not the product is re-sellable, returned as directed, returned as stated in RA assignment (we have products that are okayed to be returned and then get back the wrong product, or product that has been extremely damaged or even destroyed completely) or is otherwise salvageable. 4. Once the product has been received and value of return has been established, crediting the account is the next step. This requires the sales team approval and may take several days. Once the credit has been approved by the sales rep it must be signed by the sales manager, then the internal tracker is returned to the RA department for final submission to the accounting department for creation of the credit memo. Accounting then processes the credit requests in the order received. 5. Open credit memos WILL BE placed on the account at this time. If there are open past due issues on the account and the original invoice has been paid, the open credits will be posted against ANY past due items/amounts open on the account before any refunds will be considered. If no open invoices on the account are past due, the open credit will be available for use on a future purchase. If the credit remains open on the account for 30 days and is not used, the customer may request a check refund. Credits NOT used within 1 year from date of issuance will be voided. 6. If a credit card refund is requested, credit will be posted to the credit card, less 4% (administrative fee). Certain criteria required. 7. Schools, government agencies, universities, state agencies etc, must also adhere to return policy, but due to varying fiscal years, processing is pushed to accommodate our many such customers. The process is considered ‘rushed’ for these agencies to accommodate these various fiscal year end dates. 8. Under NO circumstances will product be accepted back for refund if received back in this office after 30 days from shipment date (excluding warranty specific items). Items received after 30th day will be returned at customer cost but credit WILL NOT be issued under any circumstances, for unauthorized returns. Furthermore, we will charge $50 per day storage for products that have to be retained until the customer retrieves them after March 1, 2004. Product received back or returned without proper RA authorization will be either returned to the customer (provided customer issues a call tag) or retained until the storage fee exceeds the cost of the merchandise. After this time the equipment may be scrapped, resold or otherwise destroyed for a total and complete loss to the customer of their purchase and purchase price. Failure to adhere to EVERY aspect of this procedure will cause RA request to be denied or valid RA to be cancelled. X_____________________________________ Customer Signature – Please Print & Sign 1-904-280-2544 Voice 1-904-280-2524 Fax