Image MASSter WipePRO X2

The Image MASSter WipePRO X2 is the next generation, fast and reliable, IT Sanitization Unit based on the time proven Image MASSter product line.

Extreme Speed: The Image MASSterTM WipePRO is designed to support today's High Performance drives. Features advanced hard drive sanitization technology that can wipe drives at SATA-3 speed. This technology not only allows the unit to take advantage of today's high performance drives but also allows the user to be prepared for tomorrow's hard drive speed improvements, with >18GB/minute transfer rates.


Compact size: The unit's small-footprint design saves work space.


Standard Drive Caddies: The unit is available with either a 2.5"/1.8" or 3.5" House and Drive Caddies, where drives just
plug in (no cabling required), or the Open Tray model shown which accommodates any standard form factor SAS/SATA drive (rotating or SSD), and optional adapters are available for IDE drives, SCSI drives or M.2 SATA drives.


Multiple Interface Ports: In addition to the native SATA/SAS ports, the unit is also designed with five USB 2.0 ports, one e-SATA port and one Gigabit Ethernet connection to remotely operate the unit. Additionally, one FireWire connection and one FAST SCSI connection are available with the purchase of the Optional Expansion box.


Modes of Operation: DoD Standard 5220.22-M or ECE (3 pass or 7 pass) wiping, as well as Single Pass and Secure Erase are all standard features of the WipePRO.


Support for USB Sanitization: The unit supports sanitization of up to 5 USB devices.


Internal Windows® OS: The operating system on which our proprietary ICS applications run allows users to install additional Windows-compatible applications.

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