Verity Systems/VS Security Products

VS Security Products has its roots in the defense and security industry. We design, manufacture and sell the mostextensive range of degaussers and data destroyers on the market, suitable for all types of magnetic media, making us themarket leader in data destruction.Customers worldwide are supported by our global distributor network to ensure that the high standard of customerservice we demand is achieved.MANUAL HARD DRIVE & BACKUP TAPE DEGAUSSERS V91 MaxSV91MV660 HDD EvoAUTOMATIC HARD DRIVE & BACKUP TAPE DEGAUSSERS DataGaussDataGauss XLDataGoneAUTOMATIC HARD DRIVE & BACKUP TAPE DEGAUSSERS DataGauss LG (includes Data Destruction Auditor)DataGauss XL LG (includes Data Destruction Auditor)DataGone LG (includes Data Destruction Auditor)NSA, CESG & NATO HARD DRIVE & BACKUP TAPE DEGAUSSERS SDD MasterSV91MMANUAL TAPE DEGAUSSERS V91 DLT/LTOV94V92CONVEYOR TAPE DEGAUSSERS V100V880HARD DRIVE & SOLID STATE DRIVE DESTROYER Crunch 250TRANSPORTATION CASES & ACCESSORIES DATA DESTRUCTION AUDITOR