Powergistics Charging Stations

32 Devices per room PowerGistics Towers vs Carts Daily Deployment Frequency: Devices were removed during the morning session and returned to charge during the lunch hour. After lunch the devices were deployed again and returned after the last class of the day. A complete deployment cycle occurred 2 times per day.

CART: Using a cart, the teacher deployed each device to every student. It was shown to take 3.5 minutes to deploy all 32 devices to every student in the classroom. Return time equaled 5 minutes to return all devices to the teacher and plug the devices back into the cart. The total time for 2 complete deployments was 17 minutes. Please note that we used the teacher deployment method with the cart since having the students pickup and drop off at the cart (without the teacher’s supervision) resulted in longer deployment times. Calculating that there are 200 school days each year x 17 minutes per day for device deployment equals 56.66 labor hours used per classroom per year. Calculating that the average hourly pay for a teacher is $25/hr – the total yearly cost is $1,416.50 to deploy devices using a cart.

Cart Deployment vs Tower Deployment Return on Investment


Using 2 of the PowerGistics Towers (PO-01E20E16L 16 shelf locking) placed on each side of the classroom, allows teachers to efficiently utilize student managed deployment.

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