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 Now, an affordable approach to multi-camera production:JVC's new S.L.I.M. system!Simple Design!Forget about expensive multicore or fiber control units with JVC's RM-LP100U remote camera controller. Now you can control up to 100 cameras from a simple touch screen panel. And it works with any of JVC's IP enabled PTZ cameras or camcorders. Learn more about the RM-LP100U [HERE] Low Cost!Expensive cabling is a thing of the past. S.L.I.M. uses economical Cat5 cabling to control each camera. Better yet, ditch the cable altogether and control your cameras via Wi-Fi. Either way, it's a most affordable multi-camera solution. IP Control.JVC's latest IP communications engine gives you versatility not found in conventional studio set-ups. Cameras can be placed at various locations in and around your facility--even around the world. You'll have full control. Multiple Camera Control.No other system incorporates a line-up of studio camcorder configurations providing the depth and diversity to meet the needs of professional applications, from Education and House of Worship to Corporate, Industrial and Broadcast, as JVC's S.L.I.M!

Thank you for visiting SANS Digital at SuperComputing 2017 (SC17). The show was a great success and gave us the opportunity to showcase our latest scale-out and data storage solutions as well as meet new and old customers.


Powered by a proprietary file system, our underlying technology has been market proven since 2007 with over hundreds of petabytes capacity deployed. The largest single system online is over 7.5PB with 150GB/s sustainable throughput, without using SSD but only enterprise 4TB SATA HDDs, 104 nodes of 24-bay SCALA storage servers.




  • Single system scalable to Exabyte levels
  • Up to 80% capacity utilization including the ability to efficiently handle tens of billions of small/large files
  • Data protection with erasure coding, directory-level variance of multiple copies and N+M redundancy
  • Proprietary POSIX compatible client protocol for high-speed read/write, much better throughput than NFS/CIFS
  • Detailed log of storage performance, from client to storage node to files applications
  • Network options of 10Gb/50Gb/IB, supports SAS, SATA or SSD mixed environment
  • Snapshot, Clone Snapshot and remote replication
  • Fully  POSIX-complaint, supports iSCSI, NFS, CIFS




  • Starting only at $225,000, guaranteed sustainable throughput of 12GB/s
  • Six nodes of 36-bay storage servers using 6TB HDDs, total raw capacity of 1,296TB
  • Built-in SSD 400G x 4 for metadata management
  • Each storage node includes
    • 2 x SFP+ 10G Network connections
    • 64GB DDR-4 Memory
    • 2 x Intel E5 2620 V4 CPU
    • 36 x 6TB HDDs

The EliteSTOR ES4108X12 Storage Enclosure is a high-density, scalable, and cost-effective design supporting up to 108 3.5-inch drive (SAS3/SATA3) modules in a 4U enclosure. Offering 4 x 4-lane SAS 12Gbps performance, the ES4108X12 brings hot-swappable components to the high-density storage market. The low power profile is specifically designed for data centers that require a dense solution.





  • Expand up to 108 drives and scale to more than 1PB capacity
  • Available with SAS3 drives or SATA3 drives for cost optimization
  • Available with 4 x SAS 12G expander boards (LSI SAS35x36R); SAS x4 cascade link; easier serviceability
  • Redundant platinum level power supplies
  • SAS 3.0 fully compliant for operations up to 12Gbps
  • Internal cable chain design to eliminate cable management arm and allow easier servicing of internal components
  • Four 12Gbps mini-SAS HD ports located on rear panel to increase accessibility


New FS-900 Single and Dual-Input Fiber System Packages

JVC introduces three new fiber based studio system packages to round out the JVC Professional line offering. Built exclusively for JVC by MultiDyne, these cost and space- saving systems support 3G-SDI 1080p/60 camera feeds and returns, and takes advantage of the camera’s built-in streaming engine for Video-over-IP functionality.

The new FS-900BS1SCAM2 Two-Camera Module/Dual Fiber Input Base Station Transceiver package is equipped with SMPTE-304M connectors, supporting bi-directional 3G-SDI signals as well as control, audio, sync, and intercom provided from two FS-900CAM1S Camera Modules (included) which connect directly to the back of GY-HC900 or GY-HM890 camcorders via the integrated 68-pin interface for full studio functionality.


The new FS-900BS1NCAM1 and FS-900BS1SCAM1 are One-Camera Module/Dual Fiber Input Base Station Transceiver packages equipped with Neutrik OpticalCON and SMPTE-304M connectors, respectively. All of the features available in the two-camera systems are available in these products. Both the single and dual systems have the capability to expand to a three-camera system.

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