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February 2017 Announcement

Welcome to the February 2017 CRU Announcement.
This month we're introducing the Ditto Field Kit DX2. Plus, pro photographer Jared Platt unboxed his new ToughTech Duo C and loves it!

New Product:
Ditto Field Kit DX2A powerful digital investigation toolkit The Ditto Field Kit DX2 features:

Includes the Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation, Forensic UltraDock, Forensic ComboDock, and Media WriteBlocker

Tough, water-resistant Pelican® 1450 carrying case with custom foam

Now shipping

PN 31310-3409-0063 (US plug version) Product Spotlight: ToughTech Duo CA brand new two-drive USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C storage vice that works hard, looks great, and is priced to sell Pro photographer Jared Platt unboxed his brand new ToughTech Duo C and loves it! The ToughTech Duo C features:

Dual drive pocket RAID with 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C host connection2.5-in SSDs and hard drives are easily removable
RAID 1, 0, Span, and JBOD modesBus-powerable with compliant USB 3.1 hosts

 Price Changes

• DX115 DC Carriers with hard drives (6601-717x-0500)

• All DCP KitsCheck for Availability

• Dock for DE50 IDE Carriers (PN 0018-3050-5001)Obsolete & Unavailable

• RTX Secure 810-NJ (PN 35720-0630-0000, 3572x-063x-xxxx) – Closest equivalents are RTX Secure 410-NJ (4-bay version, PN 3545x-063x-xxxx) or RTX800-XJ (non-encrypted model with SFF-8088 interface, PN 3570x-173x-xxxx)

• RTX815DC-SJ (PN 35730-0499-0000, 3573x-04xx-xxxx) – Closest equivalent is RAX845DC-SJ (4U rack-mountable version, PN 4141x-04xx-xxxx)
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