Arista EOS®/vEOS®
World's Most Advanced Network Operating System

EOS CloudVision®
Network-Wide Cloud Automation

Arista 7500 Series
High Density 10/40/100 GbE Big Buffer, Lossless Modular Spine Switch

Arista 7320X Series
High Density Cloud Optimized 40/100GbE Modular Spine Switch

Arista 7300X Series
High Density 10/40 GbE Modular Spline™ Switching

Arista 7280R Series
High Performance 10/40/100GbE, Dynamic Deep Buffer, Universal Leaf and Spine

Arista 7260X and 7060X
High Performance 10/40/100GbE Fixed Configuration Switches

Arista 7250QX Series
Dense 10/40 GbE 2RU Spline platform

Arista 7160 Series
High Capacity 10/25/40/50/100 GbE Programmable Leaf Switches

Arista 7150 Series
Leading Ultra Low Latency 1RU Leaf Platform

Arista 7050X Series
1RU and 2RU10/40 GbE Multilayer Leaf Switches

Arista 7010 Switch
High Performance and Power Efficient 1G Ethernet Switch