Model 200 Marine Light Volume Disintegrator / Mixed Media Destroyer

The SEM 200 series disintegrators have been evaluated by NSA and meet the requirements of NSA/CSS specification 02-02 for classified paper destruction and NSA/CSS 04-02 for classified CD destruction. The SEM Model 200 Marine with cabinet is our unique Model 200 office disintegrator/media destroyer in a space saving configuration, just right for shipboard and other limited space locations.

Model 200 Marine Features:

  • NSA listed for paper and CDs
  • Produces a waste particle that is over 50% smaller than a conventional high security shredder
  • Also destroys non-classified data that resides on small storage devices such as flash media, thumb drives, SSDs, SIM chips, etc.
  • Good size for shipboard or locations with space constraints
  • A specially designed feed opening is included to minimize overfeeding of larger SSDs that may cause jamming
  • Options and accessories:
    • Waste collection bags
    • Replacement/spare knives
    • Replacement/spare screens
    • 220V/15amp—50 or 60Hz is also available
  • Availability: In Stock

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