Image MASSter 4000 G3 can clone or wipe up to eight (8) NGFF M.2 NVMe drives at a time with easy touch-screen operation of all applications and now uses the Windows 10® internal operating system to perform the proprietary, world renown ICS-IQ applications. expandable to an 8-drive SAS/SATA expander module which provides source or target drives to be conventional 2.5” or 3.5” SAS or SATA disk (or SSD) drives, with plug-in adapters available to accommodate M.2 SATA drives as well – making this the most versatile drive cloner/sanitizer in the industry.

1. High-end Processing Power
2. Hard Drive Support
3. Optional 8 Port Add-On Module
4. Cable Free Drive Caddies
5. Compact size
6. Versatile “Source” Drive Ports
7. Multi-Session Capability
8. Available Drive Caddy Options
9. Multiple Interface Ports
10. Multiple Modes of Operation
11. Multiple Hash Verifications
12. External Storage
13. “On the fly” Drive Image Encryption
14. Convenient and Easy Upgrades
15. Logging
16. 8” Full Color Touch screen

Image MASSter™ 4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2
The New IM4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2 Product Line of Duplicators offers High Speed Duplication support for
PCIe M.2 Drive Modules with speeds exceeding 100GB/min. The unit supports the connection of up to
eight PCIe M.2 Drives, with Optional SAS/SATA drive Expansion support.
The Image MASSter™ 4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2 units are the new members of the
Image MASSter™ 4000PRO Family of Duplicators. The IM4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2 units feature native support for PCIe M.2, SATA
(1), eSATA (2), USB 3.0 drives as well as other common drive interfaces through the use of optional adapters. The unit provides the
capability of connecting up to 8 PCIe M.2 Drives.
The new IM4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2 units are designed utilizing the latest M.2 technology to achieve transfer rates greater than
100GB/min. Additionally, the IM4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2 product line is designed for ease of use, utilizing a simple PCIe M.2
insertion mechanism for quick mounting and un-mounting of PCIe M.2 drives.
Highly scalable, the IM4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2 units come with built-in support to connect an optional 8-Port Add-on Module,
offering the capability of connecting up to 8 SAS/SATA drives. The IM4000PRO G3 PCIe M.2 units support SHA-1 and SHA2 Hardware Accelerated Drive Hashing as well as the standard MD-5 Hashing method. With built-in Hard Drive Encryption
technology, target drive’s data can be Secured utilizing the NIST approved AES-256 Encryption standard. All units feature a native
1 Gigabit Ethernet connection to upload or download drive images to a Network Storage Area. Fast and reliable, the IM4000PRO
G3 PCIe M.2 Duplicators are designed to fit the unique needs of the mid-size IT or Forensic organization with all the power of an Enterprise Level Duplicator.

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